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This is is a new web site that allows users to create quizzes and have other users take the quizzes. This is differentiated from polling web sites as this project will allow the creator of a quiz to view the each individual user‟s results instead of just summary information (which is especially important for grading contextual results like essay questions). This web site is aimed squarely on users that need to create quizzes and give grades on the results.

This site was created by Wildermuth Consulting Services, LLC with help from Microsoft. The purpose of the site was not only to aid in helping people give and take tests but also as an example of how to build a public website using the Microsoft tools. The site uses the following technologies:

*Microsoft .NET 4.0
*Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2
*Microsoft SQL Server 2008
*Entity Framework v4
*WCF Data Services (i.e. OData)
*Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

The site and all of its source code is available on the CodePlex site (link) and has been released under the Microsoft Permissive License (MS-PL).

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